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The new Microsoft Dynamics AX runs in the browser and parts of the navigation through the UI are done via URL parameters. Since I wasn’t able to find a list of them in the official documentation (like the Help Wiki here’s a collection from my knowing.


The first parameter gets prefixed with a question mark, all the others with ampersands.
As an example using the default local virtual machine URL (https://usnconeboxax1aos.cloud.onebox.dynamics.com/) you get an address looking like


Parameters / Values

This list surely is not complete but I will try to update it in future when I get to know new parameters. If you know any missing please let me know.

The use of prt allows you to pass the partition you want to use. You need to provide the partition Id – not the RecId. for example &prt=initial.

cmp can be used to navigate to a certain company directly. Example: &cmp=USMF

Use the parameter f to pass the name of the form you want to open directly. AX translates the call to a menu item and updates the URL automatically.

mi is short for MenuItem and lets you open a menu item.

The debug parameter has different values that can be used. true and false do work. Enabling the debugging mode with the parameter leads to the display of the time that was consumed for opening a form, for example. If you use vs%2CconfirmExit there is an additional confirmation prompt when you try to close the page.

AX7 Debug Confirmation Prompt

The activity Id (parameter activityid) is used for internal purposes. I guess among other things it is used for logging. You might be asked for it when troubleshooting is needed.

I was very happy to find out about that one because we’re developing in both English and German. You do not need to open your user options and change the language there, save the record and refresh the browser necessarily. You can also use the parameter lng to switch the language by simply adding e. g. &lng=en-us or &lng=de manually to the current address.

This parameter (limitednav with fixed value true) leads to the client not showing the menu / navigation to the user and therefore holding them in the current form (afaik this is used with the Cloud POS).


There are parameters that need to get combined with others to work correctly.

If you use the menu item SysClassRunner (that enables you to run a class directly) you need to provide the (runnable) classes name by using the parameter cls.

If you want to run a report directly you can use a concatenated value as menu item. Use output%3AOutputMenuItem to run a report directly. Replace OutputMenuItem with the name of the output menu item that targets the report you want to access.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the post. I was wondering if we can pass default values to fields on forms like ‘Create customer’.


  2. @Swapna,

    You should not pass default values using the URL parameters, since this could violate consistence of the applications business logic and also data.



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