Status and Page Update

Mostly for lack of time, caused by various circumstances, I haven’t created new contents here for quite some time. Also, sometimes it feels like it’s hard to find the right topics in the last weeks – if I find one someone else is quicker – this happened just today when André Arnaud de Calavon got ahead of me with writing about the new label file extensions. Nonetheless still there’s quite lots of people visiting this page every day and the counts are even rising.
And I have done something for the visitors (you 🙂 ) I want to tell about quickly. I updated the page over the last two days and implemented a SSL certificate. So, from now on axility.NET uses the https protocol and communication with the page is encrypted which makes using it more secure. If you have links to it on your page it would be nice if you could update any links from to “Old” links still work though and get redirected to the secure connection. Thank you!

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