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After a short break I’m back (I was on vacation all March and try to reintegrate myself to daily life since then 😉 ) – first of all with a small post concerning the Wiki. It is tremendously helpful but there are teething troubles with the integrated search functionality.

AX Help Wiki Header

For one thing it is slow very often and for another thing the results seem to be flaky now and then. I’m sure Microsoft will get over this. Until then you can use a simple workaround. This one was disclosed to me by my cherished fellow Paul, by the way.

To obtain complete results quickly you can simply use the commonly known search engines like Bing and google. Using the right syntax you can restrict their search to the Wiki:

search term site:https://ax.help.dynamics.com/

AX Help Wiki Search Bing

Et voilà!

2 thoughts on “Quick And Successful Wiki Search”

  1. Nice! 🙂

    Isn’t this similar to how everyone searches MDSN / TechNet also? Google is just better than the sites’ built-in search facilities.


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