Exam MB6-890 (Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction)

The first exam for AX7 was released on December 18, 2015. It’s the basic development exam, named Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction. One of the requirements for partners (like my employer, GWS mbH) is to have a defined number of employees with certifications, gained through exams like that one. Since I work with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX for quite some time now (I talked a little about that in the first of my AX7 blog posts which was about the Application Explorer) I decided to set a good example and went for it today.

I did several exams before but I didn’t know yet that in the meantime you can do those online – so it was a new experience for me and that is one of the reasons I wanted to write about it.


You can register for the exam MB6-890 at Microsoft Learning. Make sure to change to change the country first (“Not in United States?”). If you want to take the exam online I guess that is important for the setup of the appointment – you are asked to pick date and time later which made me unconfident a little because there’s no information what timezone this refers to. So I chose Deutschland and chose 5:15 PM out of the left available times and was happy to see that this referred to Central European Time (CET) which was named in the confirmation then. The cost is $150 (or 150,-€ after you switched to Germany), without tax (which is unusual for Germans when it’s about consumer prices). You need to login with your Microsoft Account (if you want to know how to create one with an existing e-mail address, follow this link) and the system knew everything it needed about me already. If you’re a first-timer you will be asked about some personal details like your job function, country/region, language preference, address etc. You have three options after you got forwarded to the Pearson VUE page:

  • I will be scheduling for a future date at a test center.
  • I want to take this exam as an online proctored exam.
  • I have received a Private Access Code for this exam.

The first option obviously is the traditional one I knew from the past where you go to a test center (driven by some third party), get locked in some camera monitored room and take the exam on a dedicated computer. The third option I still don’t know about, but the help text says that Some exams are not open for public registration. For these exams, a private access code is required to register. If you have been given a private access code, enter it in the field provided. I took the online option this time. After agreeing to a lot of terms and conditions you need to agree to the cookies and privacy policy to even see the Next button. Next you have to choose date and time already (right now it seems like it is available very short-term) and if you found one you only have to checkout like you are used to in any online store. Payment can be done by credit card. You get a receipt and a confirmation of the scheduled exam via e-mail immediately after.

The prerequisites

There are some requirements you and your system need to fulfill to be able to work with the online proctored exam. There is an information page about the specifics. Execute the system test on the system and in the location you will take the exam. I used one of the smaller meeting rooms of my company and removed writings from the whiteboard and created a sign for the door later because one requirement is not to have someone coming into the room during the taking of the exam. You’ll need a working microphone and a webcam. I used a headset but was not allowed to wear it on my head / ears but round my neck.

The exam

When the exam starts (at the scheduled time) you have to go to the Microsoft learning page and follow the Your benefits & exams link and choose Start a previously scheduled online proctored exam after. You need to close all other applications. A small application gets started then that asks you to define microphone (you have to make some noise to make it selectable) and camera first, take a portrait picture of yourself (without wearing a headset – I needed to retake it because of that later) and one of your passport (or any alternate valid document that is named in the requirements) plus a telephone number. The person who checks everything and makes sure you fulfill the requirements and do not do anything prohibited during the exam will first chat with you in a windows that appears and call you one the phone subsequently to instruct you to show your desktop and the room you’re in, as well as the contents of your pockets etc. My best advice is to take the cleanest room you can find 🙂
After everything was checked and clarified the exam started, 90 minutes of time for a quite manageable amount of questions.

Preparation for the exam

I think the level of the exam was appropriate, though there were some tricky questions in it. If you have experience with former development exams you shouldn’t expect it to be more or less challenging. But of course there are lots of references to the new features and technologies that came with AX7 (at least in the questions I saw). The starting page of MB6-890 suggests to do some self-paced training before taking the exam, 80730AE: Development Basics in Microsoft Dynamics AX to be more precise. I definitely would recommend to do so, too – even if you do not want to take the exam 😀
If you feel very confident about development in AX and with the new stuff already you might want to start with the quiz parts of the single modules and see if you have gaps still and watch the related videos as appropriate – that’s what I did. But do not expect those to be the same questions as in the exam later – they aren’t 🙂
I nearly forgot to tell – I passed the exam and became a certified developer for AX7 now. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Exam MB6-890 (Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction)”

  1. Hi Volker,

    I am also thinking for same exam but little bit worried about Azure questions. As this is the all new part in AX7 so have very less knowledge about it or can say only by the AX 7 RTW environment i got introduce to Azure. Can you tell what kind of question we can face in AX7 Development introduction. Is there any Dumb available for the same ?

    • Hi Rahul,
      I’ve told a lot in the post already. Of course the new stuff is part of the questions, but it is a development exam, not installation and configuration – to talk a little about your Azure concerns. Plus I’ve only seen some of the questions, of course (I assume you always get a subset of a bigger amount of questions). Not to mention the exam was taken quite some time ago and actually I don’t remember them in detail 🙂 And I also think I mentioned that the style of the questions and the level is comparable what we saw in previous “Development Introduction” exams. So don’t be afraid of and go for it! Sometimes there are “second shot” offers that allow you to retake an exam without additional cost if you didn’t pass. But I don’t know if there’s such an offer in place right now…


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