Download the EntireTable Cache Decision Helper!

Back in the days when I wrote about the idea and presented some code and instructions for it I already planned to package and provide a downloadable version of the EntireTable Cache Decision Helper. And after I created a development environment, connected it to a version control system etc. (and wrote about some of it) here it is!

I created a brand new and cool download area where you can find the download link.

Changes to previous version

I changed some things compared to the version I presented earlier.

  • I was wrong about the fact that the setting for the size of the caching is per AOS. Actually it’s globally set up (table SysGlobalConfiguration) which is hard to see in the form because the area is located in the details area per AOS…
  • I came to realize that because I implemented it correctly so the calculation takes care of the current setup.
  • Labels are used.
  • There’s some more comments, especially XML headers for class and method definitions.
  • There was a problem with the code in SysContextMenu class I quoted.
  • The related objects are bundled in a shared development project.


The download is a zipped xpo file containing the development project named XltyEntireTableCacheHelper. Unzip it and import the xpo (Command > Import). Make sure you choose Application objects and labels, select Show details and take care of the included labels. You might first create a label file named XTY or use one of yours but you have to take of that manually. I included English (US) / en-us and German / de.

Import xpo EntireTable Cache Decision Helper

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