Bing Search The Wiki (Example Extension Project)

I took some run-up and showed a couple of things within the last blog posts I want to bring together now for a small example how you can build an small but useful extension to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. Amongst others, there were examples for event subscriptions, project export/import, how to use the Browser class, create an extension package and a way to search the Wiki cleverly. Today I want to combine all of that into a simple solution that uses extending techniques only and adds the ability to search the Wiki via Bing directly from AX.

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AX7 – Best Practice Check Ignore List

In AX 2012 there’s a macro you can extend to suppress best practice checks (SysBPCheckIgnore). There are a lot of issues related to it, e. g. its size and compilation, the fact that it belongs to exactly one model per layer (colliding with other solutions) etc. Of course there are some workarounds but clearly there was room for improvement. Here’s what we have now and how you deal with it.

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