Financial Reporting – Fix The Management Reporter Process Service

If you’re using a local copy of the AX7 Update 1 (aka May Update) virtual machine (.vhd) and experience issues with starting the Management Reporter 2012 Process Service (in Windows Services) that might be because you needed to rename the machine name. This is a very common scenario, of course. Here’s how to handle it.

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Visual Studio hides away itself in AX 2012 client environment

Visual Studio 2013 Professional is masked in Start MenuOne strange thing I came across from time to time is that at some point you do not find Visual Studio in the Windows Start Menu anymore. I think it interferes with the SQL Server Client Tools and / or BI components. As a result you need to call e. g. SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2013 even if you installed a full Visual Studio 2013 Professional. However, the full version of VS opens up…

How-to create your own CONTOSO-like virtual machine (Pt. 1)

Since this little blog is kind of development related by nature I had the need for a suitable development environment after its start. The environment had to be

  • autonomous and independent
  • slim and runnable on a notebook with reasonable performance nonetheless
  • current standard AX (AX 2012 R3 CU9)
  • development-ready
  • equipped with data

How you can create such an environment is described in the following. The result is a great choice for demo or training purposes, too.

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X++ Editor Extensions

In general, we tend to value things once we have lost them.

Today I want to point to something that I love but seldom realized it isn’t part of standard AX 2012. I set up a new development environment for myself and was wondering about the poor experience in the MorphX code editor.

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Help Server on SharePoint Troubleshooting

Help Server - No ResultsYesterday I stumbled upon a very specific problem concerning the installation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Help Server on a machine that is running SharePoint (in my case and I guess more often SharePoint plus Enterprise Portal). The issue is that whatever you try you always get the message No results – The requested topic could not be found.

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