AX7 – ISV Solution (Minor) Code Upgrade

First of all: This is not about updating from AX 2012 to AX7 (though there are a lot of similarities). I might well cover that sometime. If you’re interested in that particular topic in the meantime you might want to have a look in the official Wiki and visit the tutorial Prepare to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics ‘AX 7’.
This article is about bringing custom code and artifacts from one AX7 version to another. Just before Christmas we finished upgrading our ISV solution named gevis ERP | AX from CTP7 to CTP8. CTP is short for Community Technical Preview and therefore, of course, everything I show still might be changed until the official release of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. So here is how it works.

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AX7 – Events and Subscriptions

Again I use mfp’s two cents as inspiration for this blog entry and detail things a little. He showed some subscription and explained that subscriptions now do not force you to modify the publisher of the event anymore. For example, in AX 2012 you had to add a post event to a method and use its properties to tell which method of which class is the subscriber. As mfp points out this has changed by the move to attribute-driven subscriptions. I would like to add the types of events you can subscribe to plus tell you how easy it is to use Visual Studio to define new subscriptions and how existing subscriptions can be found.

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How-to create your own CONTOSO-like virtual machine (Pt. 1)

Since this little blog is kind of development related by nature I had the need for a suitable development environment after its start. The environment had to be

  • autonomous and independent
  • slim and runnable on a notebook with reasonable performance nonetheless
  • current standard AX (AX 2012 R3 CU9)
  • development-ready
  • equipped with data

How you can create such an environment is described in the following. The result is a great choice for demo or training purposes, too.

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