AX7 – Database Synchronization w/o Visual Studio

Some time ago I wrote about the ways to perform a database synchronization from Visual Studio in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. Clearly this relates to development environments. Here’s one way to do a synchronization without VS – you’ll need it when you have a deployed environment.

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AX7 – Best Practice Check Ignore List

In AX 2012 there’s a macro you can extend to suppress best practice checks (SysBPCheckIgnore). There are a lot of issues related to it, e. g. its size and compilation, the fact that it belongs to exactly one model per layer (colliding with other solutions) etc. Of course there are some workarounds but clearly there was room for improvement. Here’s what we have now and how you deal with it.

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AX7 – Customization Analysis Report

For AX 2012 there’s a tool called CAT (Customization Analysis Tool) in LCS that gives you a detailed report for one or more models you upload to it. With the new Microsoft Dynamics AX this was moved to the development environment (the virtual machine you use for development) and is a command line tool now. It seems to be referred to as CAR (Customization Analysis Report) more often.

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