AX7 – ISV Solution (Minor) Code Upgrade

First of all: This is not about updating from AX 2012 to AX7 (though there are a lot of similarities). I might well cover that sometime. If you’re interested in that particular topic in the meantime you might want to have a look in the official Wiki and visit the tutorial Prepare to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics ‘AX 7’.
This article is about bringing custom code and artifacts from one AX7 version to another. Just before Christmas we finished upgrading our ISV solution named gevis ERP | AX from CTP7 to CTP8. CTP is short for Community Technical Preview and therefore, of course, everything I show still might be changed until the official release of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. So here is how it works.

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AX7 – The new official Help Wiki is publicly available!

During the Preview Technical Conference the according PM already announced that the Wiki for The New Microsoft Dynamics AX will be opened for the public when the application itself gets into public preview state, too. Until yesterday it was only accessible with a valid user and a password which is not the case anymore so it seems like it just happened!

That means YOU are able to access it already!

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AX7 – Events and Subscriptions

Again I use mfp’s two cents as inspiration for this blog entry and detail things a little. He showed some subscription and explained that subscriptions now do not force you to modify the publisher of the event anymore. For example, in AX 2012 you had to add a post event to a method and use its properties to tell which method of which class is the subscriber. As mfp points out this has changed by the move to attribute-driven subscriptions. I would like to add the types of events you can subscribe to plus tell you how easy it is to use Visual Studio to define new subscriptions and how existing subscriptions can be found.

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AX7 – The New AOT

These days the veil is being lifted at Convergence in Barcelona for the upcoming release of AX. This is the cue to bloggers to start spreading the word: AX7 is coming!

This is what Microsoft’s Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan (aka mfp) stated a week ago to kick off his series about the cool new language features of X++ which is now a first-class citizen of the .NET world. Do not miss what he comes out with on a daily basis (mfp’s two cents). If you didn’t know about his exciting sharings you probably would have earlier if you followed my twitter account 😉

Since this is kind of a transition of this blog from AX 2012 to The New Microsoft Dynamics AX – which I still prefer to call AX7 which should be OK because that actually is the version of the release (I got rid of the old codename Rainier quicker) – I would like to go a little further afield before I show you a little something.

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