Access Stuff In The New Event Subscriptions

Often when creating a new event subscription (some time ago I wrote about Events and Subscriptions in the new Dynamics AX) I need to look up how I can access stuff from the given parameters. So here are some random examples listed, without making claims of being complete.

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Class Browser For Navigation To URL

With the new Dynamics AX there are new APIs that are needed because of the technological changes. If you want to navigate the user’s browser to a different URL programmatically (and not by providing a link they can click) this can be done very easily by using the new class Browser.

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AX7 – RTW at first sight

While Technical Conference is underway Microsoft made the first version of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX available. You call it RTW, which is short for Release To Web (the old-fashioned term would have been RTM – Release To Manufacturing – which meant that the CDs can be cut). And yes, I was wrong about the date somehow but still the release party (besides the conference that is held in Seattle right now) is at the date I named.

AX7 RTW Stroke

Although I’m not at the conference I was able to take a first look at RTW (carrying version no 7.0.1265.3015, platform 7.0.4030.16079) and would like to point out what got my attention at first sight.

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