Bing Search The Wiki (Example Extension Project)

I took some run-up and showed a couple of things within the last blog posts I want to bring together now for a small example how you can build an small but useful extension to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. Amongst others, there were examples for event subscriptions, project export/import, how to use the Browser class, create an extension package and a way to search the Wiki cleverly. Today I want to combine all of that into a simple solution that uses extending techniques only and adds the ability to search the Wiki via Bing directly from AX.

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Download the EntireTable Cache Decision Helper!

Back in the days when I wrote about the idea and presented some code and instructions for it I already planned to package and provide a downloadable version of the EntireTable Cache Decision Helper. And after I created a development environment, connected it to a version control system etc. (and wrote about some of it) here it is!

I created a brand new and cool download area where you can find the download link.

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