gevis ERP | AX available in the Azure Marketplace!

I’m very proud to announce the availability of the newest version of gevis ERP | AX in the Azure Marketplace. gevis ERP | AX is my company‘s AX-based ISV solution for wholesale companies. The one you can access now is based on the New Microsoft Dynamics AX (aka AX7) that is going to be released officially soon.
Getting the product not just to be ready on the new major version in time but also to be curated and validated by Microsoft (including enrichment and delivery in measurable highest quality) for the marketplace involved a lot of people doing lots of work and is a great milestone for us!
Please visit the product’s landing page in Azure Marketplace to find out more.

gevis ERP | AX

German data centers for Microsoft Azure from 2nd half of 2016

Today Satya Nadella announced two new German data centers for cloud services in Berlin. They’re expected to be available in the second half of 2016 with the ability to provide Azure, Office 365 and CRM Online (source). Since it is commonly known that the upcoming release of AX, Microsoft Dynamics ‘AX 7’, will follow Microsoft’s mantra Mobile first, cloud first and come along with the ability to run in the cloud, this is very important news for partners, customers and prospects in Germany!