AX7 – X++ Innovation Blog Post Series

In case anyone missed it I wanted to quickly echo an overview on the great series of blog posts mfp created about the new and changed features of X++. All of them are must reads for any developer who wants to work with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Intro [Click]
  • The var keyword [Click]
  • Finally and using [Click]
  • Type declarations can be 80 characters [Click]
  • Private and public members [Click]
  • Static members [Click]
  • Client/Server keywords [Click]
  • Static event subscription [Click]
  • Static classes [Click]
  • Internal keyword [Click]
  • Reals are decimals [Click]
  • Readonly keyword [Click]
  • Extension methods [Click]
  • Const keyword [Click]
  • Inline variable declarations [Click]
  • Method signatures [Click]
  • Forms implementing interface [Click]
  • Garbage Collection [Click]
  • String truncation [Click]
  • Attributes without specifying “Attribute” [Click]

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