AX7 – Uniqueness of Data Entities’ Public Name

When you need to create custom data entities from scratch or create copies of existing entities you need to be aware of the need for having an unique Public Entity Name. If you want to know about how you can create a data entity first, you’ll want to visit the official help wiki and read the great and useful article Building and consuming data entities.

If the mixup of solutions in your environment (maybe it’s only standard AX and your customizations) doesn’t fulfill the requirement of having unique names for the data entities you get into trouble when trying to use the Office interface of The New Microsoft Dynamics AX. Any call to Open in Microsoft Office (one of the commonly available buttons in the right upper corner) leads to an error message otherwise, looking similar to

The data entities TaxCountryRegionParametersEntity and GwsTaxCountryRegionParametersEntity have the same public name, CountryRegionParameters.

AX7 Data Entity Public Name Error Message

That’s just one example, of course, but surely one likely to be faced. In our case there was the need to create a copy of the entity TaxCountryRegionParametersEntity (by whatever reason) and the copy was done just fine (actually the entity even works afaik). But the entity’s property Public Entity Name was adopted unchanged and so the attempt to export anything to Microsoft Excel failed accordingly.

The simple solution to that is to change the property to an unique value, in the showcased scenario we just prefixed it with our commonly used prefix.

AX7 Data Entity Public Name Properties

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