AX7 – The Latest from the Help Wiki

I hope you already know the new official Help Wiki that was released to the public back in December. There is so much information waiting for exploration there! But what if you want to know what’s new?

There are two useful URLs you can use to discover new and updated pages in the wiki.
New Pages:
Updated Pages:

In addition to that you can even subscribe to an RSS feed that provides you with the new pages and their contents:

2 thoughts on “AX7 – The Latest from the Help Wiki”

    • Yes, you are right, they seem to run forever. They definitely worked in the past. I can only guess that the indexes are corrupt or there are too many pages in the meantime and the engine can’t handle it anymore. I’ll try again at some point in the future and update the article if they still don’t work.
      I can recommend using the RSS feed though. I do so and it keeps me up-to-date with a lot of useful information.


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