AX7 – The New AOT

These days the veil is being lifted at Convergence in Barcelona for the upcoming release of AX. This is the cue to bloggers to start spreading the word: AX7 is coming!

This is what Microsoft’s Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan (aka mfp) stated a week ago to kick off his series about the cool new language features of X++ which is now a first-class citizen of the .NET world. Do not miss what he comes out with on a daily basis (mfp’s two cents). If you didn’t know about his exciting sharings you probably would have earlier if you followed my twitter account 😉

Since this is kind of a transition of this blog from AX 2012 to The New Microsoft Dynamics AX – which I still prefer to call AX7 which should be OK because that actually is the version of the release (I got rid of the old codename Rainier quicker) – I would like to go a little further afield before I show you a little something.

So what qualifies me to tell you about the new release of AX?

I’m working for a GISV named GWS mbH and as a close partner of Microsoft (Inner Circle, …) we were involved quite early in the development process of the product. This is something they changed for the benefit of all – to get ISVs in early to ensure the best results for the customer in the end. I was one of the lucky people that were sent out by my employer to a journey with the goal to get our ISV solution for the wholesales and distribution industry, gevis ERP | AX, ready and deliverable for the point in time when the official release is done by Microsoft as well. For a couple of months we’re actually working on upgrading the code, creating documentation and so on and so forth. And I’ll be happy to share some useful information so you are prepared for the journey or can use it if you’re already on it.
Because everything is still in preview state (though public preview now) of course there might be changes until the release of the product (which is announced for Q1 2016).
If you are excited about the upcoming release you are with good reason!

The new AOT – Application Explorer

AX7 Application Explorer UnfilteredIt’s kind of likely you know already that development moved from the MorphX environment to Visual Studio entirely – that was made public quite some time ago. Today I want to show you some of the new AOT. It still is called Application Explorer – as it was in Visual Studio integration for AX 2012. But it changed in structure (there are even new types – I’ll get back to that in a later post if nobody else is quicker) and what I like most about it:
It has an awesome free text search field on top of it! And the performance is absolutely stunning! When I work with AX 2012 now it feels like an hour until the Tables node opens up…
With AX7 you simply type any substring and get the result almost immediately! I just tried to type table which leads to a horrific amount of hits and the search finished in something like two seconds – showing all of the hits…
AX7 Application Explorer Filtered By FormBesides that you can add specific filtering to your search term, e.g. for a certain type of objects. So if you want to see all forms that have to do with SalesTable you simply type (and there’s even a lookup that helps you to that) salestable type:”form” – it’s as easy as that. As you might realize in the screenshot the Application Explorer shows you information about models and layers additionally.
As of now you can add filtering by

  • Type
  • Model
  • Name
  • Modified Date
  • Extension Point

How cool is that?

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more. If you are interested in something specific let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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