AX7 – Database Synchronization

With the new Microsoft Dynamics AX (Preview) there are a couple of ways in Visual Studio to synchronize tables and views with the SQL Server database.

Full synchronization

To perform a single full database synchronization use Dynamics ‘AX 7’ / Synchronize database….

Synchronization after build of packages

There’s an option to perform a DB sync after the build of one or more packages / models in the dialog you can access via Dynamics ‘AX 7’ / Build models…. As of CTP8 this performs a full synchronization and not just the tables and views related to the selected packages (at least that’s what it looks like and I don’t know if it’s intended).
DB Sync Build Models

DB sync on project build

The properties of a project in Solution Explorer let you decide whether you want to perform a synchronization after the build of the project. If you enable this only the tables and views that are included in the project are synchronized after you build it.
For new projects the setting can be defaulted by using the parameter in Tools / Options / Dynamics ‘AX 7’ / Projects that is called Synchronize database on build for newly created project.
DB Sync Project

Legacy sync

Some of you might know that the compiler for X++ was rebuilt completely. The database synchronization was, too. In its current preview state sometimes the new one fails without telling too much about the actual source of the issue. The legacy (native) synchronization still is there and might help you to troubleshoot errors and problems with DB synchronization. To enable it you have to change a setting of VS that is not in the UI but in a file called DynamicsDevConfig.xml. You find it in the folder C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Settings. Of course this is per user… And after changing it you’ll want to restart VS. The entry that enables the legacy sync is


I wouldn’t necessarily expect this to still be there when the product gets released next year but right now sometimes it helps when there are problems with the database synchronization.

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  1. These changes are made in HQ db or Channel DB? In case its done in just one db, how we are going to replicate the changes to second db?


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