AX7 – Customization Analysis Report

For AX 2012 there’s a tool called CAT (Customization Analysis Tool) in LCS that gives you a detailed report for one or more models you upload to it. With the new Microsoft Dynamics AX this was moved to the development environment (the virtual machine you use for development) and is a command line tool now. It seems to be referred to as CAR (Customization Analysis Report) more often.


The use is very simple via an executable named xppbp.exe that is located either in C:\Packages\Bin\ (locally deployed VM) or I:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\bin (Azure-deployed VM).


The syntax is as follows

xppbp.exe -metadata="LocalPackagesFolder" -all -model="ModelName" -xmlLog="LogLocation" -module="PackageName" -car="ReportLocation"

You run it via command prompt (cmd.exe).


Be aware you need to execute this per model you have in your solution. For a model ApplicationSuite.XLTY you included in ApplicationSuite the call could look like this

xppbp.exe -metadata=C:\Packages -all -model="ApplicationSuite.XLTY" -xmlLog=C:\Temp\BPCheckLog_XltySuite.xml -module="ApplicationSuite" -car=C:\Temp\CustomizationAnalysisReport_XltySuite.xlsx

Assuming there is a model in Foundation, too, you would want to execute

xppbp.exe -metadata=C:\Packages -all -model="ApplicationFoundation.XLTY" -xmlLog=C:\Temp\BPCheckLog_XltyFoundation.xml -module="ApplicationFoundation" -car=C:\Temp\CustomizationAnalysisReport_XltyFoundation.xlsx


The outcome of the analysis is a Microsoft Excel file that is quite similar to what you are used to from AX 2012.
AX7 Customization Analysis Report

8 thoughts on “AX7 – Customization Analysis Report”

  1. Hi Volker,

    i am running this command

    xppbp.exe -metadata=C:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory -all -model=”Application Suite USR Model” -xmlLog=C:\BPCheckLogcd.xml -module=”ApplicationSuite” – car=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\CAReport.xlsx

    but i am getting this error:
    Command line parameter ” was not recognized.

    • Hi Danyal,
      is it possible that the quotation marks are in the wrong format (there are different types of them and sometimes when you copy from Word or webpages you get the wrong ones)?
      Also before the car parameter there is a whitespace. When I get into situations like yours in which there is only a strange error message usually I start with retyping the whole command line and often this solves the issue 🙂

  2. Thank you Volker for your help, i really appreciate this,

    I tried retyping the while command line but it didn’t help.
    Then i tried it on another environment, where the same command line worked perfectly. So i believe that was an environmental issue.

  3. Hi Volker,

    Can you share the issue list you get after running the command.
    I am investigating a mechanism to check BP issues present in a model.


    • Hi Salman,
      Sorry for the late answer. I fear at this time I can’t provide you with what you asked for. I do have current customization analysis reports but they relate to actual implementation projects and I’m not allowed to make them public.

  4. What is the error code 19 (MCC CODE IS HIGHER THAN 20 IN METHOD ACTIVE) in Customization Analysis Report represents?

    • I think this is a relatively new one. Not entirely sure – check the active() method for what’s in there. Certainly there shouldn’t be too much in it 🙂


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